The location of the kitchen should be such that one can easily access it from their living room. Women are so attached to their kitchen and often spend lots of time even having quality time with their friends and daughters or grandchildren. This shouldn’t change in older age, and hence the solution lies in choosing an aging-in-place design.


It’s hard to deny that most activities in the kitchen take place in the sink, hence making it a crucial item in the kitchen. To remodel the kitchen, therefore, adjust the sink to a reasonable height for easy access. You may also choose an adjustable sink, more to enhance access and ease of use by a person, especially on wheelchairs.


Cabinets ought to be adjusted to facilitate ease access. The main aim of remodeling is to ease the work and hence reduce strain. Therefore, you tire less and can access anything you like in your kitchen hence being able to prepare any meal of your liking.


You may consider relocating the dishwasher for convenience or even increase the height to enable you to use it easily. Hence helping you work easily in the comfort of your kitchen.


They make your work easier. They, therefore, should be easy to use at any time. Consider the purchase of appliances that display information, are easy to operate hence easy to use.

In as much as you would like to make your movement and life in your home easy, it’s still your house, and you have a lot of say in what needs to be done to it. Consult an expert, then let them know what you would like then allow them to advise on the most appropriate and suitable model to go by in your home. You may agree or disagree but at the end of the day, your will shall be meet and life in and around your house will be made easier as you retire and age in the comfort of your home.