Healthy Chair: Healthy You

massage chairAfter a long day of work, do you day dream of having someone massage your tensed neck and back? Isn’t it heavenly to have someone knead those tensed muscles? As you get older, it seems that more aches and pains are present. You can’t seem to move in the morning and find it difficult to do anything more when you come home at night.

After a long day at work, naturally, one would want to relax in the comfort of their home. One would initially put down his things and sit in a chair. Some would put down their things and go straight to the kitchen to look for something to eat and pour themselves a drink. While others may take home work, especially for the career-focused individuals and sit in front of the computer again all night. Some may just sit down and see what’s on TV while they order dinner through their mobile phone.

Perhaps, the most used furniture in your house would be the chair or the sofa. Well, fortunately for others, they have an easy chair to sink into at the end of the day– soft, padded with the highest quality of cotton, covered with either the rich color and scent of leather or the soft and comfortable velvety cover. Since it is the most commonly used furniture at home, it is subjected to wear and tear. You most probably cannot remember how many times you have purchased a new leather seat or brought it to an upholstery shop to make it look as good as new and bring you the comfort of sitting on it like the first time you bought it.

For many people, the easy chair is the best seat in the house after a long day at work. It’s like coming home to a big, plush, friendly bear that is always ready to hug you and accept you as you ease off the day’s tension and stress. And like any other furniture you have at home, you wish it will stay as comfortable as it has always been.

The next time you try to purchase your favorite chair, why not consider buying something that have added health benefits? Healthy, in terms of conforming to the contour of your spine, thereby helping you relax even – something that relaxes your spine and relieves your aching back every time you sit on it. Find a chair that reclines when you want to just sit down and watch your favorite show. Find something that offers so much comfort that you can actually sleep on it. The chair should be able to massage your back, your neck, much like having a personal assistant attending to this specific need. Who can resist a good massage, anyway?

When you get older, you will need to visit health clubs or spa to avail yourself of a relaxing massage. This could be costly on your part. As such, purchasing a massage chair can be a beneficial, not just for you, but for other members of the family as well. With a massage chair you can get to have a comfortable chair and more. The types of massage are:

Effleurage. Effleurage is accomplished by using the palm of the hand providing long, soothing movements. This is commonly seen being applied by mothers on children with aching tummies or nurses to patients with psychosomatic disorders.

Petrissage. Petrissage on the other hand, is effected by kneading, rolling and picking up skin and muscle jointly. This is what nurses and physical therapists do to comatose patients. It helps to increase blood supply to the tissue or muscles. Such method is good for those who want to feel invigorated or refreshed.

Tapotement. This is performed by cupping a hand and striking the back. This is best appreciated after a patient, whether child or adult finished nebulization – a short-term management for asthma attack. The back is strike alternately with the cupped hands to loosen and mobilize pulmonary or lung secretions, thus facilitating excretion of mucus phlegm.

Relaxation through friction is the most desirable effect of the massage. If an individual uses the hand to effect this type of massage, he uses the thumbs, fingertips or the much more effective, knuckles. By pressing for a few seconds, the particular muscles, specifically connective tissues are relieved from spasms and tightness. This is what massage chairs provide. It relaxes you by acting as a hand to relieve your tensed muscles – so the next time you seek a chair, bring home one that alleviates your growing aches and pains.

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