Anti-Aging Formula For The Brain

agingAre you one of those men and women who go through a series of anti-aging skin regimen to prevent the skin from aging? How about the brain? Are you doing anything to slow down if not halt brain aging? Are you in the process of planning your parent’s care as early as now? Well, it is good to plan ahead especially if it will require a substantial amount of time to look for quality care work in Peterborough. However, while doing so, you can encourage your aging parents as well as yourself to do some measures to slow down the aging process of the brain. Here’s some useful activities to start with:

Brain Stimulation Routine. What do you usually do after having breakfast? Do you spend most of the day lounging around? Try mind stimulating games like chess and crossword puzzles. The adage “What you don’t use, you lose” holds true in this case. So use your brain. Read books to enrich your brain. Play games with your grandchildren using the senses. Have them blindfold your eyes while smelling and identifying varied objects held to your nose.

Engage in Regular Exercise. When you do regular exercise, the blood increases its rate of circulation as your heart pumps a bit faster. As such, blood supply is increased to the brain, thus more nutrients are absorbed as well. Muscles do not shrink fast from non movement such that you get more quality from life as you continue to do exercise.

Ensure proper nutrition. Proper nutrition does not entail eating much, but eating a sufficient amount of food that has all the necessary vitamins and minerals in it. Your diet should also include food containing anti-oxidant properties like tomatoes, spinach and berries.

Get Enough Sleep. Did you notice that as you age, you tend to sleep shorter than before? You may sleep late, but you still wake up the same time the next day? This is because the body’s clock is already set. No matter what time you sleep at night, you will always wake up the same time the next day. However, you will feel more tiresome when you do this on a regular basis. Sleep is important for the brain. It works like resetting the brain in preparation for the things that you’ll do the next day.

Socialize. One of the reasons for people to feel like they’re getting old is the lack of social interaction. Most of the time, they spend the whole day at home lounging around or reading a book. Though reading a book is beneficial for the brain, nothing compares to the brain stimulation provided by healthy conversation with other people. Join community groups and play an active part in the community. This way, you are preventing yourself from feeling lonely and depressed. You will also feel some amount of satisfaction when projects you participated in come to fruition.

Most individuals who experience aging with minimal health issues believed that aging is just a matter of perspective. In a way, it is a matter of perspective. Aging does not mean limiting yourself at home. To grow old is to do the things that you are still capable of and still lead an optimal quality of life.

How a loft conversion can keep the heat in


Loft conversions are a great way to increase your home’s property value and increase your habitable space. It is a way better option in extending the usable space of your home and is so much better than adding external extensions.

This is because loft conversions cost way less compared to external extensions. And it’s not that much of a hassle converting your loft thanks to specialists. Loft conversion in London are popular not only because of the financial gain but also the insulation and lowered heating costs. Plus, you will essentially be revitalising your boring, old dusty attic and make it into so much more than that.

And due to that fact, loft conversions are becoming more and more popular to most homeowners. Though loft conversions are the best option in adding extra space in your home, you can make it into something way better: You can make it energy efficient.

People who live in cold countries often spend lots of dollars in installing and maintaining heaters in their homes. Not to mention the amount electric energy it consumes. So in countering these coldness, they try to make their homes more energy efficient.

In our attempts at making our home energy efficient we often ask how we do this task. What part of the house should we focus more on? And how does the heat in our homes escape to the atmosphere?

One thing that can make your loft energy efficient is insulation. Do you ever wonder how loft conversions take heat and keep it in? You will be able to save lots in your energy bills because you will not be relying much on air conditioning and heaters anymore.

Now you ask yourself:

  • Where does the heat escape to?

This is a pretty easy question to answer. Warm air is lighter than cold air and thus it rises above in the confines of our home. As warm air rises, it eventually escapes to the roof at some point. This is true to most houses specially those not properly insulated. And not insulating your loft is very energy inefficient.

  • How do I insulate my home?

Now as we mentioned before, heat escapes to our roofs right? Therefore the proper insulation should be installed in your lofts.

In insulating your loft, you do not need to buy the most expensive materials on the market. Higher prices do not necessarily mean greater efficiency and quality. And in the event that you have excess materials in insulating your loft, use it in the other parts of your home like the cavity walls or around doors and windows. This helps keep the heat inside your home.

Also make sure that the material is made as air-tight as possible to keep all those little strays of warmth inside. You also need durable materials so as not to leave unwanted debris inside and you won’t wake up with dust all over your face.

  • Should I install the insulation above or below my roof?

It depends on your choice. Insulating above your roof helps keep your entire home warm. While insulating directly under your roof helps not only the house but the loft itself keep warm.

Ultimately loft conversions help keep the heat inside your homes by insulation. If you have not done this yet in your home, we strongly suggest you do so. It is a beneficial undertaking and is pretty energy efficient.

Will Gardening Help You Look Younger?

When you are in your senior years, it is a time wherein you are already very careful with your health, especially if you are one with a sickness. For this period, you are being cautious with what you eat and drink, of course, to not harm your physical structure. As popularly said, health is wealth. Therefore, not only the aged folks should be concerned as well.

But, especially for the seniors, getting out and starting gardening can be a very effective method to stay healthy and live longer at that. Why do you think so?

Well, first off, when you are out of your home, you get to take delight in nature. You get to breathe fresh air and be under the sunlight, which is a great source of Vitamin D. This vitamin can be helpful in combatting cancer and disease, so you can really see its benefits.

Being active is an essential for the elders. This will keep them fit in both body and mind as they go through each day. And so, gardening is very much an exercise suitable for them. The activity involves lots of moving, digging and lifting, among others. Thus, engaging is very much a good idea.

As you garden, you will plant herbs and vegetables, aside from flowers that is. This just means that it is most likely that you will intake those plants that you have grown in your very garden. You will be able to get more nutrients, vitamins and minerals from these natural foods, which is no doubt of significance.

When you are stressed with life in general and you just want to relax, this can be one of your choices. It is a major way to spend some of your time. As they say, gardening is therapeutic. As you focus on what you are doing, you are freeing yourself from the anxieties and worries that you have. For the meantime, you can get pleasure from the process.

Even as you interact with the soil and dirt, you can benefit from them. You will get to be directly in touch with natural bacteria, minerals, and microorganisms, which will help boost your body’s immune system.

So, what are you waiting for? These and more will be gained by you if you just get out and do some gardening! Stop just staying inside and sitting, doing nothing. With the energy you have left, refresh your whole being with a hearty and worthwhile experience.

You can even learn from landscapers greenwich. Though they do gardening and garden design for a living, unlike you, it still stands that they live healthy lifestyles because of this activity. Take it to the next level by collaborating with them to also come up with a landscape that will increase the beauty, function and value of your overall property. You can be able to even openly communicate and discuss with these experts on how to garden and what to plant, especially concerning to the climate of your residence area.

Protect Yourself From The Sun (and UV Rays) With Window Blinds

The sun is commonly associated with happiness, enthusiasm and high spirits. Especially during the summer, many people, if not all, are very cheerful and active. Yes, this positivity is good and being under the sun can help for producing Vitamin D for the body and skin but too much exposure can be damaging.

It does not mean that you should stay locked up indoors all the time. It just implies that again, if there is overexposure, it can lead to destruction of the skin; minor ones would be skin reddening, skin drying and sunburn and the more serious ones include skin aging and the deadly skin cancer.

If you are alarmed by now, some solutions would be to protect yourself with sunscreen. Apply one with a Sun Protection Factor or SPF of 15 and above. Waterproof sunscreen is also available for when you are swimming and doing other water sports. As much as possible, use an umbrella when going out and when it is hot out. Caps and hats are other alternatives. Sunglasses can be used to protect your eyes and it can give you a stylish look as well. Wear clothes that cover you properly so that they limit the ultraviolet rays that reach your skin.

But a big step you ought to take is one that involves your home. And that is to install your own window blinds. Having them is essential for your fight against the sun’s evil effects.

If you leave your window bare and without a covering, you are basically just letting the sunlight in and even if natural light is good, there still comes that time when it is distracting, particularly when you need a long and smooth slumber after a tiring day at work.

Once more, the answer to this problem would be to have window blinds. With them on, you can darken the room whenever you like. That also makes you less prone to being exposed to the sun and experiencing any unsafe conditions.

Other than protecting you from the sun, blinds can protect you and your family from the public as well. You are given privacy and outsiders will not see the interior of your home and what you are doing inside; whether there is somebody in or not. Without these window furnishings, you are definitely at risk for dangerous situations like burglary and theft.

If you are to shop, there are ready-made and made to measure blinds Glasgow, and they come in different color and designs so that they fit the style and concept of your interiors. Isn’t that awesome? You are investing on not only a functional item but one that benefits you aesthetically too. Always remember to compare the price and quality of window blinds that you see. Better yet, research a little bit on the topic so that you can have good discussions with salespeople when you purchase.

Blinds can be of huge assistance for sun protection so recommend it to family, friends, workmates, neighbors – everybody!

Healthy Chair: Healthy You

massage chairAfter a long day of work, do you day dream of having someone massage your tensed neck and back? Isn’t it heavenly to have someone knead those tensed muscles? As you get older, it seems that more aches and pains are present. You can’t seem to move in the morning and find it difficult to do anything more when you come home at night.

After a long day at work, naturally, one would want to relax in the comfort of their home. One would initially put down his things and sit in a chair. Some would put down their things and go straight to the kitchen to look for something to eat and pour themselves a drink. While others may take home work, especially for the career-focused individuals and sit in front of the computer again all night. Some may just sit down and see what’s on TV while they order dinner through their mobile phone.

Perhaps, the most used furniture in your house would be the chair or the sofa. Well, fortunately for others, they have an easy chair to sink into at the end of the day– soft, padded with the highest quality of cotton, covered with either the rich color and scent of leather or the soft and comfortable velvety cover. Since it is the most commonly used furniture at home, it is subjected to wear and tear. You most probably cannot remember how many times you have purchased a new leather seat or brought it to an upholstery shop to make it look as good as new and bring you the comfort of sitting on it like the first time you bought it.

For many people, the easy chair is the best seat in the house after a long day at work. It’s like coming home to a big, plush, friendly bear that is always ready to hug you and accept you as you ease off the day’s tension and stress. And like any other furniture you have at home, you wish it will stay as comfortable as it has always been.

The next time you try to purchase your favorite chair, why not consider buying something that have added health benefits? Healthy, in terms of conforming to the contour of your spine, thereby helping you relax even – something that relaxes your spine and relieves your aching back every time you sit on it. Find a chair that reclines when you want to just sit down and watch your favorite show. Find something that offers so much comfort that you can actually sleep on it. The chair should be able to massage your back, your neck, much like having a personal assistant attending to this specific need. Who can resist a good massage, anyway?

When you get older, you will need to visit health clubs or spa to avail yourself of a relaxing massage. This could be costly on your part. As such, purchasing a massage chair can be a beneficial, not just for you, but for other members of the family as well. With a massage chair you can get to have a comfortable chair and more. The types of massage are:

Effleurage. Effleurage is accomplished by using the palm of the hand providing long, soothing movements. This is commonly seen being applied by mothers on children with aching tummies or nurses to patients with psychosomatic disorders.

Petrissage. Petrissage on the other hand, is effected by kneading, rolling and picking up skin and muscle jointly. This is what nurses and physical therapists do to comatose patients. It helps to increase blood supply to the tissue or muscles. Such method is good for those who want to feel invigorated or refreshed.

Tapotement. This is performed by cupping a hand and striking the back. This is best appreciated after a patient, whether child or adult finished nebulization – a short-term management for asthma attack. The back is strike alternately with the cupped hands to loosen and mobilize pulmonary or lung secretions, thus facilitating excretion of mucus phlegm.

Relaxation through friction is the most desirable effect of the massage. If an individual uses the hand to effect this type of massage, he uses the thumbs, fingertips or the much more effective, knuckles. By pressing for a few seconds, the particular muscles, specifically connective tissues are relieved from spasms and tightness. This is what massage chairs provide. It relaxes you by acting as a hand to relieve your tensed muscles – so the next time you seek a chair, bring home one that alleviates your growing aches and pains.

5 Stars Over 50 and Embraced It

Time to be inspired! We’ve gathered 5 female celebrities and their secrets to looking radiant and vibrant – and yes young!

Julianne Moore is 52 but looks younger. She seemed to have discovered the fountain of youth with her toned body and youthful glow. She is a mother of 2.

Regimen: Does Ashtanga yoga 2 to 3 times a week. She also does weight training with a trainer. And she paddleboards!

Diet: She eats load of fruits and vegetables and once in a while gives in to her cravings for cheese and sweets.

The real secret: genes soaked with age-defying DNA





Michelle Pfeiffer, 55, never had plastic surgery or botox. She is still maintains that ageless beauty that made her successful and famous 30 years ago.

Regimen: Eating well. She went vegan after watching a program on CNN called “the Last Heart Attack” and got inspired with Bill Clinton whose health improved amazingly after going vegan. She runs 4 to 6 miles a day on the treadmill.

Diet: She used to be a foodie, and had less than healthy diet but turned to plant-based diet in 2012.

The real secret: she just looks young even if she whines about it. How sad.

images (5)

High School



Madonna at 55, continues to grind her way on stage. Her music continues to be played but she says that her muscles (toned body) takes precedence.

Regimen: Pilates. Cross training, running and biking. Dance-cardio classes. You name it, she’s tried it all! She started young and her being disciplined is what keeps her toned until now.

Diet: She follows a macrobiotic diet. It means she eats food rich with bacteria that enhances longevity. The bacteria is said to cleanse the insides and aids in digestion.

The real secret: Nothing ever slows her down.

80s look

80s look



Jamie Lee Curtis, embraces aging. She claims that she is all pro. Pro-aging, pro-active, pro-biotics and pro-tein!

Regimen: She has lightened her load ever since she learned that she has high cholesterol and blood pressure. She doesn’t wear jewelry. She didn’t color her hair being pro-aging that she is.

Diet: She gave up on fattening food which she described as crackers, bread, granola, white flour and sugar. She believes granola actually makes people fat.

The real secret: genetics period

non-gray hair

non-gray hair

with gray hair

with gray hair

Ellen de Generes, 55, is the epitome of the best candidate of an anti-aging product. Up close and personal, her face is lined with wrinkles and her skin sunburned

Regimen and diet: She has her own dance jiggle in her own show and she follows a strictly vegan diet.

The real secret: She laughs, smiles and is naturally happy. She gets paid just being herself everyday!

fine lines and wrinkles

fine lines and wrinkles

download (9)

with foundation

So, bottom line is one may be blessed with good genes and maximizes such gift with diet and exercise or one is merely wise and has learned of life. But, those without such endowment, loving life does it. Laugh and you will naturally and youthfully glow.