Kitchen tips and ideas for aging-in-place design


The location of the kitchen should be such that one can easily access it from their living room. Women are so attached to their kitchen and often spend lots of time even having quality time with their friends and daughters or grandchildren. This shouldn’t change in older age, and hence the solution lies in choosing an aging-in-place design. (more…)

Why you need the aging-in-place design

As you age, there is no doubt that some changes are experienced. You need not feel out of place though but rather accept, adapt, and move on with life. By accepting the changes occurring, you will be able to make informed decisions and even live longer without any stress. However, you need not wait until you are incapable of doing things on your own to commence on the design, taking the step early enough will help you cope with other changes to come later in life. (more…)

Things to consider before remodeling to age-in-place

One floor versus an elevator

It could be quite an investment, but consider the best alternative for you. Are you having difficulty moving around? Or is walking a problem? Then one-floor space may not be ideal; more so if there is a long hallway in your building. An elevator is, however, a good option. It will not only help you access points easily but also ease your burden as you carry your load up easily.

Widening the doorway

A wider door will create more access as well as allow more than person to pass. In the event you are using a wheelchair this will enhance your mobility in and out. Moreover, you will be expecting visitors sooner or later, and they will need to enter the house. Therefore, even though you may not need the widened door, someone else might need it. In considering the option, however, don’t forget other technical problems you might need to solve in the process such as the wall repair, rerouting wires among others.

Stair glide

This is the most common go-to equipment for the seniors. It makes work easier no doubt, but it may not work well for people with back problems or those struggling to sit not to mention the danger it may pose to anyone with balancing a seating position. Some may even require more than one, for the various floors. However, before taking the decision to install one, take the time to talk to an expert about this before making the wrong decision as you end up not using it.

Built in shower seat versus movable seat

A built-in seat is a good idea since you need not take the time to adjust which may trigger accidents in their way. However, some are not designed to suit the needs of the seniors given the distance between the controls and the showerhead and the seat, in the end, it doesn’t ease the work. An adjustable seat, on the other hand, will enable you to adjust it to your liking although it may take longer to get comfortable and get ready for business. However, take the time to weigh and choose the best alternative.

Glass shower doors

Other than the beauty that comes with installing one, it may not be a good option after all. They block half the opening, making it hard to enter or exit and even helping a bather who may need help. A simple curtain would do the trick. It may even serve as a point of support when the need arises.