Kitchen tips and ideas for aging-in-place design


The location of the kitchen should be such that one can easily access it from their living room. Women are so attached to their kitchen and often spend lots of time even having quality time with their friends and daughters or grandchildren. This shouldn’t change in older age, and hence the solution lies in choosing an aging-in-place design. (more…)

Why you need the aging-in-place design

As you age, there is no doubt that some changes are experienced. You need not feel out of place though but rather accept, adapt, and move on with life. By accepting the changes occurring, you will be able to make informed decisions and even live longer without any stress. However, you need not wait until you are incapable of doing things on your own to commence on the design, taking the step early enough will help you cope with other changes to come later in life. (more…)

Installing a Sink: A Guide

Renovating your bathroom is never fun, and it can get expensive. What is the average cost to renovate the bathroom? It depends on your home but don’t panic if you are not an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, it’s very simple to do renovations and install a sink by yourself. It is also planned to be installed on a piece of furniture of the same size. This should not be a problem for you. Have a kit (available at any DIY store), and follow these steps.

1) Observe the furniture under sink

In order to be sure that you can start installing your sink , we advise you to review your sink cabinet. Have you identified the different supply ducts (hot water, cold water)? Is your piece of furniture perfectly horizontal? Use a spirit level in the four corners of the cabinet to check it. If it is horizontal, you can start installing your sink.

2) Drill the sink

faucetAs you may have noticed, you now need to drill the sink to run the faucet. Do not poke from below, you could damage your sink. If your sink is stainless steel, use a cookie cutter to drill the hole for the mixer or mixer. If your sink is sandstone, gently and gently drill small holes, until you can make a hole large enough to pass the faucet.

3) Install the drain from the sink

Put a seal or some sanitary sealant to make it tight. Then place your sink with attachment riders, which are normally provided with your kit. Finally, connect the faucet to the pipes and the drain hose to the siphon.

Reminder: we advise you to circulate a little hot water to check the tightness of the whole.

Curtain measurements and types

There are many kinds of curtains that can go great in your kitchen. They are distinguished not only by their fabric, their size but especially by the different types of suspension. Soft earrings, modern eyelets or sliding, and trendy curtains allow you to personalize your interior. We show you what are the different possibilities available to you and what are the points that you must respect during the realization.


Foot curtains

To give a light and delicate appearance to your windows, you will generally use curtains or blinds with legs. Footed sails simply hang from curtain rods or cable systems by means of their legs. If you opt for blinds with legs, you should know that because of the legs, this type of curtain does not slide as easily as curtains or sails with guides or eyelets.

If you want to make yourself or make a blind with legs, you will have five legs (5 cm wide / 10 cm high) per meter of fabric.
The dimensions of the ready-to-install curtain are as follows:

Weighted belt awning: +20 cm
Hem blind (20 cm single hem): +45 cm
Hem blind (double hem 20 cm): + 65 cm

Eyelet curtain

To suspend your curtains in a chic and modern way, there are the eyelets. The eyelet curtains, the eyelets with eyelets or the carnation blinds are distinguished by their more or less big eyelets which allow them to be put on rods. These eyelets come in different versions and sizes, and their handling is easy.

For eyelet sails, use the entire width of the fabric (about 140-150 cm), the height is 35 cm (take care to avoid shifts in case of patterned fabric!).
To ensure proper retention of the eyelets, a 9.5 cm strengthening should be provided at the upper edge. To obtain an equal distance left and right, make sure that the eyelets are even in number.

Sliding curtain

Currently, sliding curtains and curtains are highly appreciated and flexible curtain systems. Edge to edge or when overlapping, with identical or different lengths: the sheers offer countless possibilities of configuration for a clean and structured look. The curtains do not form folds and they are smooth; that is why your choice of fabric should be preferably on rigid materials such as veil, organza or batiste.

We keep a standard width of 40 to 60 cm. Please take into account the reasons for the measurements to avoid offsets!

Total width once ready: 300 cm
Overlap of each element: 30 cm
For six elements: 330 cm: 6 = 55 cm final width by sliding curtain

Fabric dimensions:
Width once ready: +10 cm
Height ready : +15 cm

If there are already sliding elements or if you want to install, you need to sew a velvet band (for Velcro tape). For guides, you need a universal band. You also need to sew a hem at the very bottom of the veil band to insert a weight bar.

Wire curtains

The wire curtains are a possibility of creative and modern design for your home! Available in different colors, the wire curtains are real jewels for your windows and they can serve as pleasant separations of pieces. Wire curtains are easy to assemble and can be cut to the desired length as needed.


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Things to consider before remodeling to age-in-place

One floor versus an elevator

It could be quite an investment, but consider the best alternative for you. Are you having difficulty moving around? Or is walking a problem? Then one-floor space may not be ideal; more so if there is a long hallway in your building. An elevator is, however, a good option. It will not only help you access points easily but also ease your burden as you carry your load up easily.

Widening the doorway

A wider door will create more access as well as allow more than person to pass. In the event you are using a wheelchair this will enhance your mobility in and out. Moreover, you will be expecting visitors sooner or later, and they will need to enter the house. Therefore, even though you may not need the widened door, someone else might need it. In considering the option, however, don’t forget other technical problems you might need to solve in the process such as the wall repair, rerouting wires among others.

Stair glide

This is the most common go-to equipment for the seniors. It makes work easier no doubt, but it may not work well for people with back problems or those struggling to sit not to mention the danger it may pose to anyone with balancing a seating position. Some may even require more than one, for the various floors. However, before taking the decision to install one, take the time to talk to an expert about this before making the wrong decision as you end up not using it.

Built in shower seat versus movable seat

A built-in seat is a good idea since you need not take the time to adjust which may trigger accidents in their way. However, some are not designed to suit the needs of the seniors given the distance between the controls and the showerhead and the seat, in the end, it doesn’t ease the work. An adjustable seat, on the other hand, will enable you to adjust it to your liking although it may take longer to get comfortable and get ready for business. However, take the time to weigh and choose the best alternative.

Glass shower doors

Other than the beauty that comes with installing one, it may not be a good option after all. They block half the opening, making it hard to enter or exit and even helping a bather who may need help. A simple curtain would do the trick. It may even serve as a point of support when the need arises.